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Hi my name is William. I’m 20 years old and part of the Sales and Marketing team of ImmerQi. I’m currently undergoing my internship with ImmerQi in Beijing as part of the placement year at Aston Business School!

Usually applying for internships are incredibly hard and competitive, however I had offers coming from various places including New York and Germany. But I really wanted something more exciting where I could discover new cultures and learn a new language. That was when ImmerQi stepped in!

How I got my internship was quite flattering! I applied for the Corporate Program on the website then the next day I got an E-mail from Christine, our manager and asked whether I would be interested to work for ImmerQi instead after the interview! (More like a conversation)

Before coming to China, Aston University and ImmerQi provided me a lot of support. For example, I was eligible to receive the Santander Grant which helped towards my living costs as well as aiding me with my visa application and being encouraged to enquire about anything I was felt unsure off! I was a bit nervous about meeting my supervisor but he ensured that I would have an amazing time and he hasn’t lied. It wasn’t hard to meet my colleagues because I went to meet the team for a Lamb BBQ in Beixingqiao!

What really makes the internship at ImmerQi an amazing one is the company and the people. I think what really got me into working for ImmerQi was the fact that we work with our stakeholders very closely and use their feedbacks to improve our operations, which the same business philosophy as mine – to be customer orientated. I hope to one day open up a business but to also to have a lively and happy workforce like the one at ImmerQi!

The office is always lively! Everyone always puts their heart and soul into what they do! I’ve been really honoured to have worked with people who have came out of some of the world’s top universities and have worked with people who have had amazing experiences around the world! Having such enthusiasm in mixed diverse workforce makes my internship not only really exciting but also comfortable as I am still continuing to settle into China.

Because I am an intern, I was given many opportunities to meet people during social events. Not only I would have a great time but also, it was really helpful for my understanding of what our interns think about our programs! I feel that meeting people here is a lot more easier than back home because of their openness to understand and desire to learn new things which is exactly why they wish to immerse themselves into China. What is really great about socialising and going out here is I meet interesting people frequently and also it’s incredibly cheap here! We sometimes don’t even have to pay for drinks here because we’re foreigners! The locals really treat us with a lot of appreciation and enthusiasm. Sometimes even taking pictures of us because we’re foreigners!

Being here for just almost 2 months, I’ve realised that Beijing was definitely the perfect place for my internship in terms of future prospects and in terms of social life. It is a unique and incredible experience to put into my CV that will definitely give me the competitive advantage I need. I have settled in very well here and I am learning a lot of new things everyday!

My advice to people looking for an internship is to remember that sometimes working for a large company isn’t everything. Even I’ll admit that it does give you bragging rights and pride. But remember, an internship is about what you learn and what you take away from your experience and how you develop that knowledge for the benefit of your self-development. Employers don’t look at where you were hired. They look at why you were hired.

Rachel Yoon

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