Introducing Responsible Travel To China!| 2 min read

ImmerQi introduced responsible travel to its participants in the last training period hoping to educate teachers and students alike in actively thinking about the environment when traveling!

Very recently ImmerQi became a member of TIES, The International Ecotourism Society, with a view to improving knowledge of eco-tourism in China. One of first steps was to introduce this to our Teach & Travel China interns in their orientation period.

ImmerQi takes a great deal of time preparing in-depth, knowledgeable orientations that educate both newcomers and frequent travelers to China alike and this updated section of our orientations focuses solely on responsible travel.

ImmerQi, using TIES Code-of-Conduct, recommended some useful guidelines that our participants should bear in mind whilst on the road in China such as; Respect the natural environment, never touch or harass animals, always follow designated trails and never buy crafts or products made from protected or endangered animals.

Also, buying local was heavily encouraged, eating in local restaurants, shopping in local markets and attending local festivals and events are all important ways of integrating into Chinese culture. We have traveling and cultural options in abundance and it is very important to us that anyone traveling through China appreciates how to do it in the most rewarding way!

TIES has a free membership for travelers option which the Teach & Travel China staff encouraged all teacher interns to sign up to and in turn their colleagues at the new schools, friends they will soon meet and students.

We have created a CSR group on our community for anyone to talk about how to be more CSR active in their communities and social circles.

Rachel Yoon

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