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This July, ImmerQi staff pulled together to participate in a clothes drive for charity. Even our managing director Joanne Wong got stuck in! It’s safe to say that the female members of staff were able to contribute the most items, but that’s not to say that our male team members didn’t contribute! One of our Shanghai team members, Andy, sent some items all the way up to Beijing!

Since the launch of our can & bottle recycling initiative in April, ImmerQi staff have developed a keenness for greenness – a clothes drive has been long in the works! The company’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) team have an acute ear for new initiatives, and as soon as mention of unwanted clothing was overheard, the team was quick to jump on the opportunity and began rounding up staff who had spare items that they were willing to donate. The pieces of clothing that were donated were not necessarily old or damaged, just unnecessary and likely more appreciated by the individuals at one of the charities ImmerQi partners with.

Managing Director Joanne Wong was one of the first members of staff to contribute towards the cause with a vow to clean up her own wardrobe. She brought in two large bags of clothes on Monday morning to kick start the initiative.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” – by no means are the donated items ‘trash’, but this well-known phrase has a lot of truth behind it. Things that most of us take for granted – like clothes – are often things that are treasured by those less fortunate than us. Donating clothes is a form of recycling (a greener recycling in fact, as no fuel-consuming process is involved), and ImmerQi was very happy to help out some well-deserving individuals involved with charities in Beijing.

One of our partner institutions was quite happy to express their gratitude: “Thank you ImmerQi for donating used clothing and T-shirts to my organization, providing children with more new clothes and second-hand clothes”. One ImmerQi staff member, Sally Ren, was very happy to participate in the drive: “I’ve been looking to donate some of my clothes for a long time, I’ve just got too much, but the problem is that some organisations will not accept pieces that are the wrong size or style. This was a great opportunity for me to finally be able to donate something to a great cause.
We managed to raise a total of four large boxes of clothing!

Rachel Yoon

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