Veterinary Intern

Company Overview:

This company is the premier international standard, full-service animal hospital, pet care facility and humane animal welfare resource center in the PRC. Founded in 2006, the mission of the company is to provide world-class animal health care and to promote animal welfare in the PRC by facilitating the sharing of medical knowledge and the adoption of best practice protocols between local Chinese veterinarians and veterinarians from overseas.

The company is a legally registered, full service international standard animal hospital and pet care facility. Services include vaccinations, dermatology, internal medicine, orthopedics, hospitalization, all surgeries (including neutering/spaying, soft tissue and orthopedic), dental, radiology, ultrasound, laboratory diagnostics (complete blood counts, blood chemistry, stool and urine exams, toxoplasmosis titer testing, etc.), preventive health care (heartworm testing and preventives, feline leukemia and FIV testing, etc.), nutrition counseling and alternative/complementary medicine (acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese herbs, etc.).

In addition to health care services, grooming, behavior counseling, obedience training, boarding, doggie daycare, SAFE pet foods and pet care accessories are available.

Internship Overview:


  • Attend to the daily caretaking needs of the animals under their care, such as feeding, walking and providing water and clean bedding
  • Clean and disinfect animal cages, exam rooms, and treatment areas
  • Maintain surgical equipment, sterilize surgical instruments, and assist the veterinarian and licensed veterinary technician as needed in surgery (such as patient preparation and monitoring)
  • Administer medications to patients
  • Properly restrain patients for blood/urine collection and tissue sampling for testing
  • Perform laboratory tests such as urinalysis setup, operation of automated blood machines, fecal exams, and bedside “SNAP” tests (heartworm, feline leukemia/FIV, etc)
  • Maintain patient charts that document daily care

Rachel Yoon

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