Mechanical Engineer Intern

Company Overview:

This company designs, develops, and manufactures top-of-the-line electric motorcycles, focusing on the rider’s experience through technology, built for upscale individuals looking to ride in style around urban environments. The company combines the latest electric power train with IoT and IoV technology; resulting in motorcycles that excites professional riders while offering comfort and safety appealing to beginners. The company creates cutting-edge electric motorcycles for the next generation of riders.

Founded in 2014, the company’s mission is to connect riders to the urban landscape through our smart electric motorcycles. By combining technology and platform innovation, the company improves the riding experience, to emotionally attach new riders to the sport. Canadian designed and German engineered, the company’s motorcycle delivers a thrilling and evolutionary 2-wheeled experience and green transportation method around modern cities.

By simplifying the riding mechanics and integrating smart technology, they have eliminated a rider’s learning curve, expensive maintenance costs and dependencies on fossil fuel. They are unlocking the lifestyle and sport to new riders through the company’s stylish brand, simplified riding experience, and enhanced safety.

Internship Overview:


  • Report to the VP of Engineering.
  • Work with the Engineering team to create CAD designs for future models and components.
  • Research mechanical designs and test stability.
  • Talk with potential suppliers for mechanically integrating the components in future models.
  • Work on variety of projects, from designing and planning future motorcycle models to testing parts and accessories
  • Learn more about the unique characteristics of the automotive engineering field
  • Learn how to use the rapid iteration style of startups while still ensuring safety and quality
  • Work in a multifaceted engineering team
  • Increase your project management skills and learn how to create complete products. From creating the initial product and planning, to final product testing and creating the systems necessary to bring it to final production.


  • Strong interest to learn and try new things has a strong curiosity about mechanical systems and design.
  • Good at working with teams and communicating well with them. Able to explain easily what situations to people of different careers and backgrounds.
  • Interest in motorcycles and riding, if you cannot ride yet we are looking for people who have a keen interest in the sport and are eager to learn.
  • Familiar with working with AutoCAD.
  • Good mechanical and analytical skills

Rachel Yoon

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