Chemical Engineering Intern

Company Overview:

This company is a U.S. and China based energy technology and services company offering advanced technical solutions to leading fossil-fuelled power plants globally. Created to tackle a wide range of environmental challenges, the company of today was established in 2007, but its roots are built on a tradition of engineering excellence reaching back over a quarter century. The company currently has over 100 full-time employees and a network of technicians working across five offices and R&D facilities in the U.S. and China.

At this company, innovation goes far beyond technology and design, as they believe innovation needs to run throughout the entire value chain including access to financial capital and ease of integration into existing market structure. For this reason, they uphold partnerships and economic viability as the backbone of successful technology development efforts. Only a multi-level approach will ensure innovation in the energy sector to leave a lasting and sustainable impact.

This company is a multinational environmental engineering company that provides proprietary solutions for reducing emissions in coal- and gas-fired power plants, as well as unique technology for producing affordable and CO2-reducing synthetic crude and hydrocarbons from coal. At the company, they are committed to providing custom engineered energy and environmental solutions that meet their customers’ requirements and to continually improve all aspects of the company’s business. The essence of the company’s solutions is that they are more affordable, deployable and scalable in comparison with any other technology.

The company is now expanding into a number of strategic technologies in the energy and environmental fields. In one area experimental and theoretical research is being conducted for characterizing and improving advanced pneumatic conveying systems. And in another program, they are developing new and innovative high-temperature combustion processes. The technologies that they are developing have their roots in high-temperature reaction kinetics and turbulent fluid flow and have direct industrial applications in improving energy efficiencies and the mechanical integrity of large-scale industrial processes.

Internship Overview:


  • Work within a chemical processes development team, and be involved in developing new chemical process concepts.
  • With flow sheets and mass balance calculations, help to outline new chemical synthesis routes for the purposes of producing new products from alternative non-petroleum feed stocks such as from coal, natural gas, and biomass.
  • Use process simulation software (ASPEN), to provide insights into minimizing projected capital expenditures and maximize projected product revenues by assessing competing for conceptual design options.
  • Gain knowledge of real world chemical engineering processes.
  • Develop economic feasibility assessments to help us deploy capital wisely with a view toward ultimately transforming the energy and material industries.


  • Pursuing Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering
    • Proficiency with Microsoft Office (including MS Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint)
    • Proficiency of process modeling with ASPEN PlusTM or ASPEN HysysTM
    • Must have strong communication skills; especially written skills
    • Dedication to meet internal needs of a fast-moving, rapidly growing, start-up company.
    • Intellectual curiosity about emerging technologies.
    • Entrepreneurial, enthusiastic, proactive, and collaborative approach to work, especially in a global setting.
    • High degree of organization and attention to detail; ability to juggle multiple tasks.
    • Strong analytical skill, both qualitative and quantitative.
    • A strong record of academic achievement.
    • Fluency in English.
    • Knowledge of spoken Mandarin Chinese is a plus, but not required

Rachel Yoon

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