Business Consulting Intern

Company Overview:

This company is one of the leading accounting\ tax\business management companies in China and Singapore. This company focuses on providing financial consulting, accounting, taxation and assets evaluation services to clients from all over the world. Started a decade ago, the company has worked with many high-profile clients such Nokia, Thomson, and Nestle.

This company’s services:

The company maintains close contact with relevant government departments, analyze problems and formulate innovative solutions, provide their clients with the highest-quality financial services. The company has successfully provided high-quality tax services for over 1,000 foreign investment enterprises and has entered strategic partnerships with dozens of Fortune 500 companies. They provide customized solutions for their clients, which combine or split services according to their customers’ needs in order to provide a tailored solution to each customer’s unique situation. The company bills after they have provided our services as a guarantee of service quality to their clients. In this way, the clients are not billed excessive amounts before their problems are resolved.

By the services they provide, their clients get to enjoy risk control, overall planning, and the post-service payment guarantee. The company mainly focuses on reasonable analysis, pricing strategy, and transfer risk.

Internship Overview:


  • Responsible for collecting and sorting through industry policy documents
  • In charge of meeting or arrange the conference call with clients to understand their requirements and developing projects accordingly.
  • Responsible for identifying target clients and approaching them in an appropriate manner
  • In charge of maintaining existing relationships with clients and assisting them to deal with any issues that might occur
  • Regularly meeting clients and communicating effectively with them to ensure detail work
  • Monitoring and evaluating ongoing projects’ feasibility and effectiveness
  • Performing any other related tasks as requested by your manager
  • Research potential clients as well as maintain relationships with existing clients
  • Mainly with foreign-funded companies and their representative offices in China or MNCs
  • Gain first-hand work experience with high-profile clients in the finance industry
  • Improve knowledge of finance and accounting rules and regulations in China
  • Build rich network of experienced finance co-workers
  • Gain work experience on a variety of projects to develop a better understanding of your skills and interests within the financial industry.


  • Bachelor degree or currently studying for a bachelor degree in marketing, finance or business
  • Fluent spoken and written English or Chinese
  • Strong understanding of accounting and finance policies
  • Good communication skills
  • Be good at to write concise project reports
  • Any relative work experience is preferred

Rachel Yoon

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