Ways To Find Activities In Chinese Cities| 2 min read

It can be easy to find things to do in China, as long as you know where to look. The bigger cities publish English language magazines, and in smaller areas the internet and knowledgeable locals are the best resources.

There are specific magazines in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu that are popular and geared towards the foreign community: ‘Go Chengdoo‘ in Chengdu, ‘the Shanghaiist‘ in Shanghai and ‘The Beijinger‘ in Beijing. These can be obtained in most foreign and some Chinese restaurants, and you can take them for free. The content of the magazines will detail the good restaurants around town, the nightlife available, people advertising for different needs and items and more. When first arriving in a town these are excellent guides for finding activities and other foreigners.

The smaller towns are less likely to have a magazine for foreigners; in this case the internet is the best resource. It is possible to find a site or blogs that people from that town post on, and can be the place to get in touch with them and find out about the city.

The other good option for figuring out a new city in China is making some local Chinese friends. There is another article written on how to go about doing that, which will get you started. There will most likely be young Chinese people who are eager to practice their English and make a new foreign friend.

They will know the best ways to get around, all the leading restaurants and the activities available. If stepping out and meeting new people is easy for you it is the prime idea for those of you living in small towns in China.

Rachel Yoon

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