Things To Consider When Choosing An Internship Industry| 2 min read

With the China Internship Program there are over one-hundred companies that cooperate with ImmerQi to offer multiple internship positions and opportunities. With so many choices it can be difficult to decide which area to go into.

The are three main internship sectors: enterprise, media and hospitality, and these encompass many other areas of work. Some people will know exactly what industry they want to work in, and have their future already planned out, but others may not have settled on a certain path.

A large portion of participants are college students, who will already have a path in mind, considering they have graduated with a major in a specific subject. However, if you have other interests that are unrelated to your major, it might be worth considering them as an option. Do as much as you can to experience a variety of industries. Others might want to try something completely different that does not pertain to any major or obligation. It can be beneficial to try a certain industry which you have never experienced before. Gaining experience in a sector never before considered could reveal to you that you work well in that area or very much enjoy that type of work.

Whether for interest, lack of knowledge or a college major, it is always important to consider the pros and cons of the industry before making a final decision. Thus, it’s important for anybody considering an internship to conduct in-depth research attaining to all possible areas of work. Think about which industries you enjoy working in, which fit your personality and which really challenge you. For example, if you enjoy practical work and interacting with the public, an office-based position might not be a great choice.

So start thinking about what you want to do, and enjoy the amazing and life changing experience you could have in China!

Rachel Yoon

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