A Participant’s Perspective On The Benefits Of Interning| 3 min read

Why do an internship in China? I thought I’d make a list of all the good things about it so that you no longer have to hesitate, just do it!

  • Living abroad is great!

There is nothing as rewarding as living abroad for a while. The challenge of creating a life somewhere else in the world and learning to understand the local culture makes you more confident, as you overcome obstacles you never thought you could face. You will learn things about yourself and discover how much you are capable of – which usually is a whole lot more than you think! Living and working in China, you will also get a unique insight into the culture of a country that is becoming more and more important in the world. A culture that is very different from most western cultures but extremely interesting and a lot of fun!

  • It will open your eyes

When you see different ways of living and different ways of working than you are used to, it really does open your eyes. You will see things that are not as good as back home but also things that are better. You can then apply these things in your life – and work – and be a happier person and a better employee.

  • It will make your CV stand out

You might not be the only one with your degree – but very few of your fellow job applicants will have “work experience in China” on their CV’s. It will make yours stand out, increasing your chances of getting a job.

  • You get to use what you have learnt

Doing an internship in China you will get to apply all the things you learned at school in real situations. It will give you the confidence you need for your future career or may even land you a job in China.

  • You have the chance to learn a new language

Take the opportunity to get ahead of your peers even more by learning Mandarin. It is the world’s most spoken language and with an ever-increasing importance on the global stage and those who work for them.

  • You get to practice communication skills

People with communication skills are highly sought after and working in a Chinese company you will definitely practice these skills. If you can successfully communicate with your Chinese colleagues, you can communicate with anyone…

  • You will get to meet new people

When living in China you will meet lots of people, both at and outside of work. Besides the fun in meeting and getting to know new friends, you might also make some contacts that’ll lead you to a job.

  • You will have lots of fun!

China is crazy, weird, exciting, scary and confusing at times, but most of all it is a lot of fun!

Rachel Yoon

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