Why Beijing Pollution Is Like Doctor Who| 2 min read

Beijing is a polluted place. We know this because it’s drummed into us by New York Times, BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, basically by any media publication in the world for the last couple of years.

The dreaded and much talked about Air Quality Index (AQI) tells us how bad it is each day and those of us on our way to work at the ImmerQi office have often shared their opinions on which mask best prevents sickness from air pollution, we know it’s there and that fact is undeniable. It’s even sparked entrepreneurialism in the Chinese capital with designer masks and modified bicycles available.

The difficulty with the pollution reporting is that it’s talked about so often but there are many blue sky days this time of year which leads to frustration for the permanent Beijing resident, it’s not always bad news.

Anyway, what does this have to do with my cryptic blog title?

I was happily reading the latest Doctor Who magazine (yes that is geeky of me) that was sent by my family. I flicked through with a smile at the tidbits of information on my favorite show and came across the ‘Letters’ section which admittedly is not normally something I read.

A writer had asked the question to show runner Steven Moffat, ‘Why do the media always report on Doctor Who’s ratings failures?’ Moffat’s answer was to cut a long story short, that Doctor Who having consistently good ratings is not news.

A Daily Mail article I caught on this ironically focused on sunshine making people stay outside as the sci-fi show dropped 1.5 million viewers for the opening episode of 2011 while plenty of other publications focus on it’s difficulties.

Today and for a good number of weeks now, Beijing has had blue skies with north of 30 degree temperatures and a cooling breeze making it a pretty wonderful start to the summer. The picture taken above was today, May 26th 2014 from our ImmerQi office.

ImmerQi applicants often ask about Beijing’s air pollution and we are honest about it, it’s bad sometimes but what we must remember that for every international article about choking Beijing residents there is a beautiful day like today; one that won’t make the news but a day where it’s possible, if you will allow, to breathe easy.

There is also nothing to worry about for fans of Doctor Who.

Rachel Yoon

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