Partner with ImmerQi

ImmerQi welcome partnerships with universities looking to provide opportunities in China for their students and recent graduates.

Use the form below to drop us an email and we’ll happily answer your questions.

Current partners

ImmerQi currently partner with a number of valued universities across the USA, UK, Netherlands, Australia, Italy and more.

Partnering with ImmerQi enables your institution to utilise our China expertise and local knowledge
to put together quality, affordable programs for your students.

ImmerQi University Partners
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The Center for International Programs of SUNY at New Paltz has worked closely with ImmerQi on a variety of initiatives over the past few years. In each case, we have been impressed with the integrity and efficiency of their operation. The on-site support is superb. Thanks for your excellent service.

Bruce Sillner

Dean, The Center for International Programs, The State University of New York at New Paltz

Why partner with ImmerQi

  • We are based in China and China experts having over 4000 participants since 2005
  • Organising a successful and sustainable China program requires substantial planning, time and monitoring
  • We are Australian-run with a team of foreign ex-participants and Chinese staff giving 24/7 support

Benefits to your University

  • Increase in student employability and outbound mobility to China
  • Encourage your students to become internationalised
  • Soft profiling of your university brand in China

Student benefits & learning outcomes

Our programs will provide your students with an invaluable experience to differentiate them from other graduates and unique soft skills that a challenging experience overseas can give. Below are some of the typical learning outcomes from our programs.

Disciplinary knowledge – Translating theory into practice, improved critical thinking, identifying relevant issues, improved articulation of thoughts, professionalism, better understanding of the needs of their work peers

Network development – Professional networks that may be useful for developing future collaborations, social networks comprised of local Chinese and foreign peers

Language learning – Develop or improve Chinese oral and written communication skills, engage with others in various environments, understand importance of language to local societies

Social and emotional growth – Independence, self-confidence and self-awareness

Cultural awareness – Further understanding of Chinese culture and home country as a result, develop global citizenship, adapt effectively to different cultural settings

Global awareness – Social, political, environmental, infrastructure and economic state of the Chinese community, increased tolerance for living in different physical environments

Lifelong learning – Explore an international career path after returning home, continued global learning, apply acquired overseas knowledge back home

Engagement – Develop a basic understanding of different world views on Chinese culture across a variety of issues, articulate their experience as a foreigner living in China, demonstrating respect for local customs that may differ to their own values