For the TTC participants it can be difficult to get used to teaching and some days the combination of being so far from home and having to take on a lot of responsibility as a teacher can be a heavy weight, but in the end it is all worth it!

As one TTC intern tells, she was at that place in her internship in China, but one day she walked into the classroom to see that the students had drawn a picture on the black board saying that she was their favorite teacher.

Huw, another TTC participant also tells all about his experiences teaching in China. Though it takes time and effort, to Huw teaching is completely worth all the time that it demands. He is having such a great time teaching and getting to know all the students.

There are priceless stories that we hear that tell what it’s like to be a part of the Teach and Travel China program; that remind IES staff just why we do our jobs. It is fascinating to hear about the experiences that participants will go home with at the end of their teaching periods and we look forwards to hearing and sharing even more before this winter semester is over!