Terms and Conditions

Any applicant intending to participate in any ImmerQi Program (referred to as ‘Program’) in China must enter into this agreement. It sets out the terms and conditions between the applicant (referred to as ‘you’ or ‘I’) andImmerQi located in Beijing (referred to as ‘IMMERQI’). I agree that:

Prior to Arrival in China

My Application

  1. IMMERQI retain the right to refuse any application it deems unacceptable for any reason.
  2. I understand the duties and functions of an English language teacher and I am committed and able to teach English in China for the Program period.
  3. My level of English is suitable and appropriate to teach English in China.
  4. I am committed to carrying out my teaching duties and other responsibilities during the Program in a professional manner and to the high standards set by IMMERQI.
  5. I will willingly participate in the educational and cultural opportunities available to me while on the Program.
  6. I am sufficiently fit and healthy to undertake and complete the Program.
  7. I have purchased a travel insurance package supplied in conjunction with the Program.
  8. All information provided in my application is true and complete.
  9. I agree to complete a full 120-hour TEFL course prior to arrival. I understand that failure to do so will result in my application being void and no refund will be possible.
  10. I agree to complete a bachelors degree (or higher) prior to arrival, and confirm that I am eligible for a ‘Z’ working visa in China. I understand that by participating on this IMMERQI program I will be in a full employment position.

Passport and Visa

  1. I have a valid passport.
  2. I have had all vaccinations and immunizations required for entry into China.
  3. I am responsible for the cost of obtaining the correct entry visa into China, as advised by IMMERQI and the placement school, from my home country and I will leave China upon the expiry of my visa. I understand that if I leave the Program prior to completion, my visa will be cancelled.
  4. If I arrive into China with the ‘L’ visa (Tourist visa) I agree to take additional visa steps to convert ‘L’ visa to an appropriate visa as deemed by IMMERQI. Any administrative fees incurred during this procedure will be paid by the placement school.

Cancellation Policy                                       

  1. If I cancel my Program booking after the full payment, the refund policies are as follows:
    • Should a participant cancel more than 90 days prior to the arrival date, 50% of the program fee will be charged
    • Should a participant cancel less than 90 days prior to the arrival date, 100% of the program fee will be charged
    • Cancellation after letter of visa invitation has been issued; visa fee will be forfeited.
  • Should a participant cancel after program commencement; there will be no refund of the program fee to the participant.
  • Should a participant fail to arrive on the specified program commencement date; the participant may be cancelled from the program with no refund.
  • Should a participant fail to graduate on time and obtain their diploma before the programs commencement date, they will be cancelled from the program with no refund.

Deferral Policy 17.If I choose to defer my Program participation less than 90 days to the arrival date, I will do so in writing no later than 60 days prior to the Program arrival in China date as specified by IMMERQI. Any visa fees paid will not be refundable.

While in China

Conduct and Behaviour

  1. I will co-operate fully with Program supervisors on behalf of and in co-operation with IMMERQI and abide by any reasonable instructions they may give me.
  2. If I engage in behaviour that is deemed inappropriate for my role as a teacher in China, IMMERQI may eject me from the Program with no refund.
  3. I will obey all Chinese laws, customs and rules that apply to all foreign teachers while working at schools in China.
  4. If I do not complete the Program or I over-stay my visa, I will forfeit my completion bonus, my visa may be cancelled and I will not be entitled to a refund.
  5. I will not accept any other form of paid employment in China for the duration of my Program.

Rights and Liabilities

  1. Any images taken of me while on the Program belong to IMMERQI and I waive any rights to these images.
  2. I will not hold IMMERQI, its officers, affiliates, agents, or employees liable for any loss, damage, personal injury, delay or expense suffered or incurred by me for any reason.
  3. IMMERQI, its officers, affiliates, agents and employees may, without liability or expense to themselves, take whatever action they deem appropriate with regard to my health and safety and may place me in a hospital or health-related facility for medical services and treatment or, if no hospital or health-related facility is readily available, may place me in the hands of a local medical doctor or health provider for treatment or service.
  4. In IMMERQI’s program, you may be required by the school you are placed at to undergo several medical checks to ensure your suitability for the school. Please note that this is normal practice in China, and is standard procedure for many placements. Undertaking health checks in your own country and taking these results to China does not result in exemption from the health checks in China.

Other Matters

  1. Indemnity: I indemnify, without limitation, IMMERQI, its officers, affiliates, agents and employees, against any loss or damage suffered by any of them, or any claims made against any of them as a result of any breach or negligence by me during my participation in the Program.
  2. Complaints: If I want to complain about any service provided by IMMERQI, its suppliers or affiliates, I will first inform the supplier of the service in order to give the supplier the chance to rectify the problem. If the supplier does not satisfactorily rectify the problem, I will put my complaint in writing to the supplier and at the same time inform IMMERQI by email or in writing. IMMERQI will do its best to rectify the problem. No complaint will be considered if the above procedure is not followed.
  3. Flights: Flights are not included in the Program and IMMERQI cannot be held responsible for any action, negligence or event relating to the purchase or operation of flight tickets or flights. Further, IMMERQI will not be responsible for any costs or refunds due to changes or delays in flights.
  4. Force Majeure: IMMERQI does not accept any responsibility or liability for changes or Program cancellations in the event of war or threat of war, terrorism or threat of terrorism, fire, sickness, bad weather, acts of government or local authority, acts of nature, or other events or circumstances which amount to a “force majeure”.

I, the undersigned, have read, understood and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions included in this page and the above two pages.

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