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Spend a semester studying in China's capital

The program covers China’s economy, trade, finance, market, management, cultural traditions & international cooperation. All the courses are taught by outstanding professors from UIBE and other famous universities in China. Suitable for overseas scholars, businessmen & international students.

During your free time, visit wonders such as the Great Wall and Forbidden City, roam through the local hutongs and of course feast on some amazing cuisines. No prior Mandarin experience is necessary, just a positive attitude and a sense of adventure.


Program Snapshot

  • Academic courses taught in English
  • Location: Beijing
  • Spring Semester: March - July
  • Application Period: October 1 - December 31
  • Fall Semester: September - January
  • Application Period: April 1 - June 31
  • High school diploma, good health

Program Highlights

The ImmerQi Semester in China Program has a comprehensive list of inclusions to ensure you have a rich and memorable experience in China.

Academic Courses

Chinese Lessons

Cultural Activities


Pre-Departure & Visas

Arrival & Orientation


On Site Staff

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5 Killer Reasons To Study In China

  • Direct enrolment at University of International Business and Economics, one of China’s top institution
  • High employability rates after graduation with international experience
  • Integrated academic experience with classes taken with both foreign and Chinese students
  • Make friends with fellow students and engage in a fun and exciting campus life
  • Travel! Visit the Great Wall, Forbidden City, explore hutongs and enjoy traditional festivals

About UIBE

Benefit from direct enrolment by having the opportunity to study alongside China’s future leaders.


The University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), founded in 1951, is a multi-disciplinary and national key university with economics, management, law, literature and science as its core academic areas of expertise.


UIBE became the first university in China to have a Board of Trustees in 1989. Members included the Ministry of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation, state-owned international trading companies, Chinese Customs & Bank of China.

International Alliance

UIBE plays a leading role in the development of international alliance with universities around the world. Currently, UIBE has established partnerships with over 160 overseas universities and international organisations.


Life in Beijing

Studying in Beijing will enable you to visit famous landmarks, a different way of life and too many highlights to mention.

Ancient Architecture

- Historic architecture including the Forbidden City, Siheyuan & Hutong

- Visit Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum, the first museum in China studying & exhibiting items of ancient Chinese architecture

Delicious Cuisines

- Jing cuisine is a mix of centuries-old traditions & international influences

- Must try dish is the Peking duck, China's national dish!

- Lots of street food in alleyways to sample, such as Dragon's Beard Candy 

Famous Wonders

- Unique blend of colonial & modern architecture

- Visit the Great Wall, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

- To experience nature, drop by the Imperial Garden, a wonder dating back to the Qing dynasty

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60% of decision makers across the world value an international study experience –

QS Global employer survey

  • Higher average salaries

Students with relevant experience abroad earn more on average than their non-mobile equivalents – 

UK Higher Education

  • Hard & soft skills

Employers desire skills such as adapting to changing circumstances and the willingness to learn through experience – US News

  • Become a China expert

Understand Chinese culture and gain first hand experience in a fast, dynamic economy


Prices & Dates

The following table outlines pricing for our Semester in China program, excluding flights and insurance. We take payment online through secure online gateways. Start dates are available twice per year according to the Chinese university calendar.


Application Deadline

Program Start Date

Program Completion

Spring 2020

31 December 2019

March 2020

July 2020

Program Fee

$ ​9550 USD


​$​ 5200 USD

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