A recent internship survey reported that internship demand is up, internships aren’t just for the summer and interns and their host companies find them a rewarding experience.

Internships.com released the results of a survey showing expected internship trends in 2014 including the very interesting statistic that 56% of companies plan to hire more interns this year than in 2013!

More and more press has been made in recent months in relation to host company demands for interns and not just of benefits to the intern themselves. This importantly shows that internships are a two way street!

The survey also shows that 84% of host companies offer summer internships but very importantly 80% offer internships in the autumn and winter as well as 78% in the spring.

Internships are of a great benefit to interns themselves as we cover on our site and ImmerQi have a number of fantastic opportunities for internships in 2014.

Here is a handy infographic detailing all the stats and for the full story visit Internships.com.

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