Why Pay To Volunteer?

It might seem strange, the concept of having to pay money to volunteer. However, the type of opportunity offered with the Volunteer Program China requires monetary support and offers significant extras that would be hard to come by with a free program.

A significant chunk of the program fee is a direct donation to the orphanage in which the placement is based. Kirsty Armstrong, the director of this program, holds the orphanage very close to her heart and supporting them in any way she can is a professional and personal mission of hers. Just recently, she had an office fundraiser and during a team building day out at the orphanage was able to donate 14,000RMB. Thus, the cost of the program encompasses a very important donation to the orphanage.

Another part of the program fee contributes toward the visa fees and other services provided by ImmerQi. The visa process involves ImmerQi applying for an invitation letter, a required document for the application of an F visa, and the program cost covers this. We also have an airport pick up upon arrival, and one of our staff will show the easiest and cheapest ways to get around (it’s quite scary, landing in a foreign country and having to navigate it alone!).

Travelling to a country which lacks a significant amount of English speakers, it helps to have some understanding of the Chinese language. Mandarin lessons are provided throughout the internship, delivered by Chinese staff at the orphanage.Lastly, throughout the entire 12 weeks of the volunteer program you will have 24/7 support. Questions, needs, concerns, there will be someone who you can always get in contact with whilst part of an ImmerQi program.

ImmerQi is a company, and the staff which manage and contribute to the smooth sailing of your experience in China are working in a job. Thus only as is logical another portion of the program fee goes towards paying the staff.

It is true and should be noted that it is possible to participate in a volunteer program in China without paying, but by handing over a small program fee, you are guaranteeing yourself a smooth experience, with all of the difficult and often complicated annoyances dealt with for you. ImmerQi makes sure that our program is actually helping the community and will also benefit any participant who decides to embark on a volunteering adventure.

Rachel Yoon

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