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An Interview With The Foster Home

Foster home interview

ImmerQi works with several NGOs and charitable organisations in and around Beijing. One of our longest serving relationships has been with an foster home which cares for visually impaired children. Thus far, ImmerQi has provided 4 fantastic volunteers as well as assisting the organisation financially and in other ways by attending fund-raising events and corn […]


Fundraising For Foster Home In Beijing

Volunteer fundraising

Our partner, a not-for-profit organisation, is a center dedicated to supporting and caring for visually impaired orphans in China, helping them live a fulfilling and independent life as equal members of society. The organisation provides  foster care, education, therapies  and  professional  training  for  visually   impaired children, embodying a home-like environment  where  up  to  60  individuals  […]


What Immerqi Offers You As A Partner

There are many aspects of ImmerQi that are marketable in areas of business and advertisement, and those who work in conjunction with us have the opportunity to reap the benefits of its programs. Apart from the many options that ImmerQi offers, there are other advantages to partnering with us. We pride ourselves on our Corporate […]


Funding Your Summer Adventure

Our favorite season is fast approaching; it’s almost time to wave goodbye to the harsh and bitter winter and welcome the sun into our lives. Summer is coming; when better to engage in a culturally rich and educational program? Summer is our busiest period as students and graduates begin flocking abroad to gain the invaluable […]


Immerqi Nominated For Youth Programs Award!

Winners of the 2011 ASEAN Outstanding Business Award, ImmerQi follow it up in 2012 with a chance at another award for our programs, this time recognised for the work we do in relation to Corporate Social Responsibility! In 2011, all at ImmerQi were on a high after a great awards win at the ASEAN Outstanding […]


ImmerQi Staff Get Musical At Charity Auction!

ImmerQi attended an event that raised over 10,000 RMB for charity and furthered ties between our company and local community centers! In 2012, ImmerQi were invited to attend a charity auction for a group of local centers providing community service for 1000 people with learning disabilities in 12 cities throughout China. The Beijing centre was […]


Introducing Responsible Travel To China!

ImmerQi introduced responsible travel to its participants in the last training period hoping to educate teachers and students alike in actively thinking about the environment when traveling! Very recently ImmerQi became a member of TIES, The International Ecotourism Society, with a view to improving knowledge of eco-tourism in China. One of first steps was to […]


ImmerQi Becomes Member Of Ties

To become more socially responsible and eco-friendly, ImmerQi has taken a significant interest in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)and our efforts continue with membership to The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) in 2012, who promote ecotourism and responsible travel throughout the world. ImmerQi has been contributing towards CSR initiatives for years already. Longstanding relationships with schools all […]


The Spirit Of The Shaolin

I have been lucky to travel the breadth of China and see lots of amazing places. China is a country filled with beauty, history and culture. One place filled with this history and culture is the Song Shan Shaolin Temple in Henan. The temple is a mecca for martial arts adventure travellers. I have visited […]