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It is no secret that China is now at the epicenter of the world’s transactions making it a major business hub in the eastern world. Globalization has intertwined the fates of many countries together and it was even more present when I attended a German delegation tour travelling through Northeastern China, representing my company Sino-Europe Industry and Business Association (SEIBA). The tour was designed to showcase areas of investment throughout China and and further economic and diplomatic ties between two countries. The delegation tour was centered around a visit by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit to China.

The week long tour started off at the city of Panjin situated in the Liaoning province and then extended into Shenyang, a megacity and the capital of that province. Our tour was planned around the inauguration of the China-Germany Industrial Park in Shenyang, the inauguration ceremony being chaired by the Chancellor herself.

From Shenyang, the delegation made its way down to Shijiazhuang, the capital of the Hebei province and made its final stop in Sanhe, a city east of Beijing. There we had the opportunity to witness the infrastructure available to firms and the vision of the region to become a major trade hub.

During the visit I had the opportunity to present our firm to local government officials and entrepreneurs and also evaluate investment targets. I also had the opportunity to personally speak to mayors of different cities and leading entrepreneurs to discuss potential cooperation between SEIBA and cities/firms.

Rachel Yoon

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