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November, in recent years, has turned into the international month for men’s health. Many people have joined in with the fund raising event ‘Movember‘ – during which you are not allowed to shave your upper lip – and ImmerQi has too.

Movember is a fund raising challenge where men grow mustaches throughout November and ask others for donations for research on men’s health issues.

By growing these mustaches they literally become live advertisements. Men all over the world participate in this annually, and some even have a great big party at the end of November to celebrate the efforts, and shave their facial hair off.

At ImmerQi, David presented the desire to support this Movember fund raiser, now David, Niles, Przemek, Rice, Solaro and Matthew are allowing their facial hair to grow in support.

The Movember foundation gives all the funds to research initiatives, specific to prostate and testicular cancer. These health issues are often overlooked and many men are unaware of how to check for the sometimes fatal conditions.

ImmerQi are proud to be contributing and supporting this foundation by growing mustaches and donating.

Growing hair is just one portion of the effort. While the stubble becomes more noticeable, either for the absurdity of it’s look or the strange difference that it presents in the person, the men that are growing these mustaches must have the courage and passion to tell others what the symbol means and to ask them to pledge a donation.

At ImmerQi both the men supporting Movember, and the women in the office, have become a little more creative.

On Monday, David brought in cookies and offered to give them to anyone who donated that day. After work he took the rest of the cookies to another office and raised even more from their support. Also we set up a culturally rich get together, British tea time in the afternoon at work, where people brought some sweets and baked cakes.

We managed to raise over RMB 2,000 during this event and look forward to doing even more throughout this month. David is writing a weekly blog all about his experience growing a mustache for the organization, so you can read all about his first hand experience being a live advertisement for a worthy cause.

Rachel Yoon

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