Hospitality Intern: My Great Internship Experience With Immerqi

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Picture of Gallant and Carline holding certificates from ImmerQi

I am writing this article to show my appreciation towards the Immerqi hard work and reliability on the work that they do. I am thankful that I had Immerqi on the first place to facilitate my Internship placement in country of China, city of Beijing. Fulfilling a needs and wants of students is just their passion, by giving real time information and to provide many resources for a student abroad is just amazing.

Picture of Gallant at Feast, East Hotel

I am Gallant Jeremy (Indonesia, 21 years old). I am a student in Taylors University Malaysia that undergoing a Bachelor program of International Hospitality Management and for a final year student for sure I believe that Hotel management student must go for their final internship, to be honest I have been struggled to find an internship placement abroad, I have been looking for a right institution or agency that is right and reliable enough to show their proposal to convince me that they can make it happen. I have been working with several agencies to be able to get me an internship experience abroad and it seems is not work out, since I just had about 4 months to actually really think about my internship placement. However I keep trying to find that out, until finally I got one agency name from one of my friend in just one month left before the date that I should go for my internship period and that that agency turns out to be Immerqi. Soon enough after I just contacted them through email with my CV and personal details their team just begin their work, so I need to fill some form and I had an interview with them first which is good way to find out which is the thing that you are really wanted and looking in the internship experience.

Gallant with his colleagues at East Hotel, Beijing

After that interview with Immerqi team, they will begin their work to find a company that really suits you in the first place; I have gotten some offers from several Hotels in mainland China, here is the thing do not forget to always check your email after you begin dealing with them, since there will be a lot of information regarding some offers or just simply regarding the progress that their team has been accomplished. Here we go after just 3 weeks times I am finally getting my placement after considering 4 offers and 2 interviews with some Hotels.

My choice was fell to East Beijing Hotel which is a five stars hotel category under chain of Swire Property. As an Intern for 6 months period I have been excels myself to learn a lot of things in Food & Beverage sectors in hotel since I have gotten a position of a management trainee in restaurant & bars; it is a fun time to learn and engage with China working environment. Let me tell you something again about Immerqi which I found really interesting usually after agency has found you a company to work with you, they will just stop over there, but it is not the case for Immerqi since they will provide you a lot of information regarding the some cultural events, seminars, or just simply articles to getting you in touch with the society. No need to be worry if you are coming alone to China for your internship journey; since you will meet other interns from other countries, and getting along with the Immerqi team is just fantastic since they were an expert in their field. This agency will just become a family to you since they will always keep track on you in what you are doing as well as getting a good relations with the institution that you are working with so that they will know what is your progress and prevent any problem that might occurs in your internship journey.

Gallant with his colleagues after work at East Hotel, Beijing

Last but not least there are things that I have accomplished during my interns period here at East Beijing. I have gotten a chance to become a highly valued interns to get a chance to work in the hotel I have been rotated in all restaurant & bars department within 4 different outlets that includes Fine Dining Restaurant “Feast – Food by East” ,Xian – Bar, Business Centre – Domain, and Japanese restaurant – Hagaki. Those four outlets had given me ideas how to run each of it and at the same time added some more skills into my professional life in terms of restaurant management and operation wise. As being mentored by each of the outlets managers in R&B department as well as being directed by the Director of R&B and the Executive Chef here for 6 months times, it has turn out that its bring me to different level where I am before. Just to share with you my final achievement and can be said as my final project here is to become the one who responsible as a representative of Indonesian people for the Indonesian Week Menu in East. I am really proud that I can actually share my country food to the China people here in Beijing. I am thankful to getting that opportunity. Thank you for all the East Beijing Team as well as ImmerQi Team for the work and effort to getting me here in China.

If you want to know that you are choosing the right agency to help you out to find the best company to have your internship or learning more about china cultures Immerqi would be one agency in top of your list.

Gallant Jeremy, a hospitality intern from China Internship Program, was placed in Beijing for 24 weeks; an International Hospitality Management student from Taylor’s University Malaysia

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