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As a final year hospitality management student, I had to choose a location for my 6 month practical experience. I really wanted to go to China as I felt it was the right place for me.

I then found ImmerQi that really worked hard to make my journey to China successful. The team does an interview where you can tell the agency your needs and what your goals are with the internship. When I was told of all the internship opportunities, I was really excited!

On Carla’s arrival day – at the Beijing airport!

Within a few weeks I got an email to let me know that the hotel in Beijing was interested in my application. I was extremely excited as I have always wanted to join the group and the hotel in Beijing is such beautiful property.

A few weeks after my interview with the hotel, I received the good news that I will be a Food & Beverage Trainee!

After my arrival in China, I had a meeting with the Human Resources department. Upon the first meeting I was warmly welcomed by everyone.

My first day, I felt a little overwhelmed and unsure of what to expect, however as soon as my orientation started, I immediately felt at ease. I also found out that I was a Management Trainee for the hotel Group, where I will be able to focus more about the management aspects of the hotel. A few days later I had a meeting with the Director of Food & Beverage, where I could let him know what my expectations are for my training. He was also very eager to get me actively involved in improving the service and level of English of staff members. He also wanted me to learn how to run the Food & Beverage outlets within the hotel. This was definitely an amazing opportunity.

From day one, my managers and colleagues have been absolutely amazing, they have been extremely helpful, and eager to make friends with me, and learn more about my country and culture.  And so far I have been extremely happy with my placement as I have been learning everything I had hoped and even more.I am really thankful to the ImmerQi team for being able to find me such an amazing placement.

Carla Retief, a hospitality intern from Hospitality Internship Program, is placed in Beijing for 24 weeks; a student from The International Hotel School, South Africa.

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