CSR In China And Education

In recent years almost every country has realized the importance of the effect we as humans have on this earth. Simply because of China’s population, the impact is even greater in China. Because of this, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is extremely vital to impress upon China’s continually expanding business world.

The Chinese government has made strides to decrease the effect they are having on the earth, but there is a huge lack of understanding in ways businesses can help as well, along with a lack of public awareness about the problems that do exist. Thus, CSR is an important implementation into China and it’s education.

CSR is the effort of companies to raise awareness of environmental and social issues, and do their part, through everyday work, to decrease the negative effects that organizations can have on the environment and local community. This can range anywhere from reducing the amount of printing done in the office, to investing in a clean energy project and even simple initiatives like organizing staff team building days to improve staff morale. CSR does not only have to do with the environment, but pertains to the community and society. Offering the opportunity to intern or working with NGOs are very important aspects of CSR.

In China, considering the environment is not as common as in the West, yet little by little that can and is being changed. Already China has many pollution problems, the most pressing of which is the air quality. If CSR is brought into the Chinese companies and businesses there can be a start, how ever small, towards more efficient and earth friendly work.

Another factor in the reversal of the environmental and social problems arising in China, is in education. The future generation is the key to change, and the more CSR we have in the classrooms the more awareness will be made. It is quite difficult to fix something that one does not even know needs to be fixed, and in Chinese culture, ignoring the fact that something is broken is common practice. However, with the increase of CSR in schools the younger generations can have the awareness the older generation lacks.

CSR is important to apply in every country, but in China especially, the more CSR is promoted and implemented the less issues there will be to deal with in the future.

Rachel Yoon

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