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On Friday 25th July, ImmerQi’s CSR team, comprised of Kirsty, Jodi, Reece, Sally and Jayne, spent a day with 10 children from one of ImmerQi’s local partner charities, exploring the Temple of Heaven and the China National Museum.

It was an early start for the CSR team, who ventured all the way into north eastern Beijing to collect the 10 children from their care home. The kids were very excited to have the opportunity to venture into the city centre to see a few of the capital’s most extensive attractions.

As the bus rolled through the city, it was filled with songs and chants, filling the children with positive energy as they prepared themselves for a day of exploration! Jodi lead the group in several songs and encouraged the kids to practice their English by teaching them the English for ‘Temple of Heaven’ and ‘Museum’.

The group’s first port of call was the magnificent Temple of Heaven, located just south of the city centre. The Temple of Heaven has a long history and is one of China’s most famous and largest attractions. On this particularly hot day, the team made sure that the kids were sufficently hydrated and protected from the sun!

Some of the attractions inside the Temple of Heaven that the group visited included the 70 year old door and the Rose Garden, all of which the children enjoyed exploring and learning about. The CSR team had, in true ‘field trip’ fashion, prepared some work sheets for the kids so that they would be able to learn along the way. One task involved the children putting their artistic skills to the test by drawing the Temple itself!

After a few hours of exploring the enormous park, the group sat down in the Rose Garden for some lunch, consisting of sandwiches, cakes, fruit and orange juice! Everyone was eager to fill their stomachs after a long morning of exploration.

After lunch, it was time to engage the children with some fun party games, which were played on a nice patch of grass outside of the Rose Garden. Despite the sweltering weather, everyone thoroughly enjoyed running around the green whilst playing ‘stuck in the mud’!

The next leg of our journey took us to the National Museum of China at Tiananmen Square. A magnificently large enterprise, the museum is free to all visitors and captivated even the youngest attendees with its fabulous international exhibitions.

The first exhibition taught the children about the origin of currency in China. All of the children particularly enjoyed the ‘trouser’ shaped coins used over 2000 years ago in China. The kids were asked to draw a picture of their favorite coin, and make notes about its historical significance.

The next exhibition was one imported all the way from Africa. It was an indepth look into traditional African sculptures, ranging from the enormous to the somewhat creepy! The kids were fascinated by the fetility statues and tribal masks, as well as the history and meaning behind each piece (although some of them were a little frightened by the 8 foot tall statues!)

Exiting the museum, everyone was in fantastically high spirits after a long day of adventures and learning. The kids from the care home not only had the rare treat of an exciting trip into the city, but also learned a few interesting facts about China and international history.

After some heartfelt goodbyes and ‘see you soons’, the kids were on their way back to their care home to share their experiences with their teachers and carers, able to look forward to their next field trip with ImmerQi’s CSR team!

Rachel Yoon

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