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Don’t Lose Your Face Or Your Guanxi Will Fail Too

Guanxi in China

Every country has those aspects that effect the way things are done and make them different from everyone else. In china those aspects are Mianzi (face) and Guanxi (friendship/relationship), and they make some things in China completely different from elsewhere. Face is very important to a Chinese person, if you make someone “lose face,” you […]


The Importance Of Numbers In Chinese Culture

China lucky number 8

China and lucky numbers: Every culture had different superstitions and beliefs surrounding numbers. China does too and there are interesting reasons behind what makes a number lucky or unlucky… As numbers have always played an important role in China, we would like to introduce you to these numbers. The number 8 is famously lucky in China […]


First 24 Hours…

Almost everyone has arrived, has settled into their hotels and is starting to get to know each other. With the time difference in China and after a long flight, the participants would undoubtedly be tired and so today is a rest day. At breakfast, temperature checks were done followed by photos being taken for their […]


Tips On How To Bargain In China!

The TTC 2010 winter program is underway and it’s been a busy few days in preparation for it. Keep your eyes peeled as there will be regular blog postings! We’ll be putting up loads of interesting things such as Chinese idioms, Mandarin phrases/words, photos, videos, facts about China, information about Chinese cuisines and culture, tips […]


The Spirit Of The Shaolin

I have been lucky to travel the breadth of China and see lots of amazing places. China is a country filled with beauty, history and culture. One place filled with this history and culture is the Song Shan Shaolin Temple in Henan. The temple is a mecca for martial arts adventure travellers. I have visited […]


8 Things You Wish You Knew About China

Repost of an article written by a former Teach and Travel participant, Francesca Oakley some time ago. We think its great and wanted to share it with you all! Don’t miss out on coming to China because of things you wish you knew… Now you do! I’ve been pondering a lot lately, over the misconceptions […]


Easter & Tomb Sweeping Day In China

As a foreigner in China, you get to celebrate both Chinese and Western festivals. It is interesting that in the two so different culture, they still have something in common. Take Easter and Tomb Sweeping Day for example, they are quite like each other actually. Lately, you can see everywhere is covered with abundant colors […]


Chinese New Year ( Spring Festival 春节)

Chinese Spring Festival, also called ‘Lunar New Year’, has more than 4,000 years of history. Being one of the traditional Chinese festivals, it is the grandest and the most important festival for Chinese people. It is also the time for all of the family members to get together, which is similar to Christmas Day to […]