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Au Pair: Drowning In Beijing’s Nature

With more than three hundred (Yes, you read correctly.) parks in Beijing, there is always an opportunity presenting itself for you to grab a sun hat, bug spray, and your picnic blanket to escape the stresses of everyday life that China presents. From the more famous, Chaoyang Park and Beihai park to the quieter and […]


Au Pair: My First Time To The Olympic Park!

Olympic Park, situated in Olympic Green, Haidian district, Beijing. China was constructed for the 2008 Summer Olympics.  Since then the streets around the area have hosted a number of other sporting activities and at night, the park itself transforms into something out of the ages. With traditional dance performances, light spectacles and much more than […]


Au Pair: My Trip To The Gobi Desert

When you live in or even visit a China traveling immediately becomes affordable and the adventure doubles in size. With so many hidden corners in small rural cities to discover and monster buildings to see in the bigger cities, China is full of wonder and excitement which is the main reason I find any excuse […]


Au Pair: Beijing Transportation

Beijing boasts any different means of transport, however, the most popular would be the Metro systems which conveniently runs throughout the city. With trains that come through the stations every few minutes, I would still suggest avoiding them during peak hours which is the time that Beijingers take the term “Being squished like a sardine […]


Au Pair: Bored Of Your 9 – 5 And Craving Adventure?

Au Pair Amber

When I hear China I automatically picture factories, loads of people and not a foreign person in sight. Not to mention the so called pollution where seeing a blue sky just does not happen, which I would definitely like to clear up quickly. Starting off by saying, Beijing (which is supposedly pollution central) actually has […]