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When you live in or even visit a China traveling immediately becomes affordable and the adventure doubles in size. With so many hidden corners in small rural cities to discover and monster buildings to see in the bigger cities, China is full of wonder and excitement which is the main reason I find any excuse to zip up my suitcase and hit the road.

Out of all the beautiful corners, I have stumbled upon in China I would have to say that Inner Mongolia would be at the top of my list. I would go as far as to recommend it to your bucket list dear reader. With the raw culture and the true ways of how people lived in the past and of how they live in modern China, Inner Mongolia is truly breathtaking.

The Gobi Desert, an absolute must see when you hit the road to Mongolia is absolutely incredible. The sand is softer than the sand on any beach. almost like grains of silk with the way it creeps between your toes and covers your feet. Dancing lightly on your skin in the breeze.

A sight that I would never forget. An ocean of sand. The dunes almost looked like a rough sea.


While I was there it started raining, and I will never forget how it felt like drops of sun. The rain was so warm I did nothing but dance. Closing my eyes and thinking about it, it was almost as if the heavens were trying to fill the thirsty barren sea up.

The sunflower fields, everywhere, went on for miles! It looked like a river of yellow and green with the way the long stems danced in the wind. Proudly smiling up at the blue sky with their golden faces.  A part of me wants to dance with them forever, knowing that something that beautiful and pure would keep you young.

Amber’Jade Friend, a South African Au Pair from Au Pair China Programme, is placed in Beijing for 6 months.

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Rachel Yoon

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