Au Pair: My First Time To The Olympic Park!

Olympic Park, situated in Olympic Green, Haidian district, Beijing. China was constructed for the 2008 Summer Olympics.  Since then the streets around the area have hosted a number of other sporting activities and at night, the park itself transforms into something out of the ages. With traditional dance performances, light spectacles and much more than what meets the common eye.

The park has individual buildings for numerous sporting activities from the aquatics centre, national indoor stadium, national speed skating oval, green hockey field, green archery field, convention centre, promenade and the Olympic green tennis centre.

The National Stadium, which is commonly known as the ‘Birds Nest’ was the centerpiece of the 2008 Olympics. Hosting both the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics. It will host the Opening ceremony once again for the 2022 Winter Olympic games which will take place in Beijing. The stadium itself is able to seat 91,000 people, although this number was reduced after the Olympic games to 80,000.

The National Aquatics centre which is known as the water cube is a rectangular building designed to look like water bubbles.  With cladding and the design allows more light and heat penetration reducing the electrical and power costs by 30%.

The Olympic Green convention centre not only held the fencing and shooting competitions during the Olympic games but was also used for all the Live broadcasts and press conferences.

The Tennis centre hosted the tennis matches as well as paraplegic matches during the Olympics games. Followed by the Archery centre which had the capacity of 5000 people, however, was dismantled after the games were completed.

With great construction and the memory of the 2008 Summer Olympics behind us mixed up with the excitement of the 2022 Winter Olympics on their way Olympic park is often found to be the daytime or nighttime destination of most tourists and Beijingers alike. At night, the buildings light up and the park comes to life in a new way.

During the day you are able to see local flying kites and walking through the park itself. Individuals are free to walk around the park, although certain parts of the park require entry tickets which can be bought from ticket booths in and around the park itself.

Amber’Jade Friend, a South African Au Pair from Au Pair China Programme, is placed in Beijing for 6 months.

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