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Nanluoguxiang Performing Arts Festival is a drama platform that invites international crew members here in Beijing China to share their performance techniques. The supporter and sponsor are Wang Xiang, a dentist. In Wang Xiang’s opinion, performing arts is his life. He can leave everything behind but his performing arts.

The great enemy of kindness is not disaster but human natural, says Wang Xiang at the 7th Beijing Nanluoguxiang Performing Arts Festival Opening Ceremony. This year, the main topic of Nanluoguxiang Performing Arts Festival is hope and human rights. Therefore, the main color of the 7th festival is highlighted green. I was lucky enough to participate as an executive coordinator of the opening ceremony. Our team has four people. I participate the entire process of coordination. I wrote the Press Conference planner and implement. I designed the invitation letter and created the inviting list. Thanks to Mr. Li, my temporary supervisor, I got to join in the producer team and work with my wonderful teammates. On July 9, our press conference slash opening ceremony were on. I was very excited. Although there are some unexpectedness, the whole ceremony was successful. I am very proud.

This festival includes seven units: international invitation, the past is the future, literature, independent forum, lithium and new talent. There are 62 performances overall from June to September. Penghao Theatre, the support member of Nanluoguxiang Performing Arts Festival, is the first independent personal theatre. Theatre without Border, says Penghao Theatre. Here, every humble citizen can become an artist, no matter where you are from, who you are, and how you make it. Penghao, in Chinese, means humble people. And Penghao Theatre is the parade of humbles. “Do you know angels? Do they travel with trains? It’s raining, I have an umbrella. He doesn’t. Let’s keep in secret.” They pull the hypothetical string, “Let’s hear the ring,” says them. Who are they? They are Toto and Vice, two Italian comedians from Toto E Vice from international invitation unit. One performance of the festival. Overall, this is a good festival. At least, I get enough opportunities to watch good shows. I guess I will miss it after my last day of internship.

The festival gives me a lot of great memories. I love Nanluoguxiang Performing Arts Festival. I love Beijing. The picture above is Tianjin Eye, the famous remark in Tianjin, a city near Beijing.

Rachel Du, an Art Director Assistant from China Corporate Internship Program, is placed in Beijing for 2 months; a student from Rochester Institute of Technology, United States.

Rachel Yoon

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